• Words

    Cutting through complexity. Bringing ideas to life. Creating narratives that engage and stand apart. Sidestepping hyperbole. Asking probing questions and seeking out thoughtful perspectives.

  • I like words.

    When used well, they can be powerful. They can inform, provoke, challenge, educate, inspire and – in the right setting – entertain. Alas, they can also frustrate, confound, obfuscate and offend. Or simply waste someone's time.

    I like telling stories.

    Using words to question, challenge or explain issues. Asking 'why' or 'why not', and encouraging a reader or listener to do the same. Translating detail and technicalities for audiences bombarded with complexity. Simplifying but never dumbing-down. Considering contrarian views without being controversial for the sake of it. Showing empathy with an audience; being human – and remembering to write like one. Taking a point-of-view and having an opinion among a sea of content that's bland, repetitive and just not worthy of someone's attention.

    I like to write.

    For the media, on topics spanning digital and technology, business and innovation, brands, retail, and consumer affairs. For organisations, whether you call it editorial, content marketing, thought leadership or something else – I distil, simplify, translate and create distinctiveness. I'm savvy to today's tech-fuelled digital existence but still believe in the power of print, long-form journalism, and respecting both a reader's intelligence and their time. And most of all, I believe people are key – and too often overlooked. Who are we trying to talk to and why, what's happening in and around their lives (be that professional or personal), and in what context will our words (or voices or videos) be consumed?

    TL;DR (the short version)

    I write words for newspapers and the media, and for businesses, across multiple channels and formats. People tell me I'm quite good at it, but I never stop trying to learn from others. And I'm two-hands-with-a-keyboard for hire. Freelance writer/reporter. Editorial Director. Content creator. Onwards ⇢
  • A few numbers

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    200,000+ words

    A conservative estimate of the how much content I've authored to date.

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    1 industry award

    Management Book of the Year – Management Futures Category, from The British Library, CMI and Henley Business School (2018).

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    20+ feature articles

    Authored a diverse and consistently highly-rated portfolio of in-depth features for special reports in The Times and The Sunday Times.

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    10 countries,

    5 continents

    Written about, and interviewed leaders on the ground in, the UK, US and Canada, India, China, Australia, EMEA and LatAm.

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    1 award-winning book, 2 in the works

    First (award-winning) book published in 2017, two more currently in the works.

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    2x global editorial lead

    Served as Editorial Director and lead writer for two global programmes for one of the 'big four' professional services firms, from inception – established editorial strategy, delivered the content.

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    35+ thought leadership studies

    Architect of a broad portfolio of international and UK-focused research and content initiatives during my client-side career.

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    18+ years' industry experience

    Senior client-side leadership roles in marketing, digital, insight, thought leadership, content, editorial, brand, HR and strategy – and, subsequently, freelance writing and consultancy.

  • What I do

    Pursuing my love of words for businesses and the media


    Freelance journalist/writer

    I specialise in translating complexity, asking the right questions, and demystifying the dark art of digital.


    From responsive-reporting to considered opinions and analysis. Tight turnarounds to deadlines that let ideas percolate. From short-form to long-form. For print or digital, spoken word, interviews, video, animation or infographics. I'm versatile with subject matter and skilled at quickly grasping complex or nuanced topics.


    My broad subject areas of expertise include digital transformation; strategy and change; shifting business models and innovation; retail and shopper; consumer trends and behaviour change; technology and media – and their intersection with both business and society; and macro issues such as globalisation, sociodemographic shifts, and market disruption. I also love big questions, or looking at things differently.


    Editorial Director

    I help organisations to find their voice and take a point-of-view.


    Shaping editorial and content strategy, to enable organisations to have meaningful conversations with an audience they truly understand; that's distinctive from competing voices and the constant proliferation of content; and that's intentional, authentic, consistent in execution, and brand-aligned.


    I can do this from 30,000 feet – helping set direction and keeping the resulting work and output honest. Or I can get down in the weeds and deliver the detail, and coach internal teams to build their capability in the process. And make necessary things like governance an asset not a nuisance. I've also done a hybrid of the two.


    Content creator

    I'm not just an ideas guy or a planner... I love to write, too.


    It's one thing to have a great idea or forge a strategy... another altogether to build the substance behind it. After all, writing (for whatever media, channel or execution) is an art... a skillset that doesn't come naturally to everyone who works in marketing, PR or publishing. And one that needs to be respected and nurtured.


    I help organisations to move from ambition to creation, using my experience and proven processes to avoid the common pitfalls, hurdles and political struggles involved in content creation. Sometimes I'm hired for capability ('we haven't got the skills we need in house'). Sometimes for capacity ('even if we did, our team are stretched and we need help at certain pinch points'). Sometimes it's both.