Resolving digital tensions in the boardroom

Committing to change isn’t the same as committing to the consequences and digital transformation can yield many.

Originally published in a special report in The Times on 30 June 2017.
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What are the top digital priorities for your organisation? Do you have a fit-for-purpose strategy for navigating this era of disruption and uncertainty? Where might your business need to pivot its operating model or reallocate investment to counter risk and capitalise on opportunity? What changes will a digital transformation involve for your role and function, and are you comfortable with the sacrifice and compromise this might require?

Even if you can confidently answer each of these questions, ask yourself have they been given sufficient consideration among your total leadership team? And would the answers from each of this team be consistent or lack congruence?

Few, if any, executives would dispute the profound and pervasive nature of digital on their organisations, and most leadership teams may believe they have collective commitment to a strategic response to the threat and opportunity of digital.

Yet for many, the questions of what such a response means, what’s really needed to position the business for success and where the real priorities are, can become sources of disagreement and conflict.


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