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    Actionable consultancy. Executive advisory. Compelling thought leadership. Global and local marketing programmes. Editorial strategy and content creation. I specialise in helping businesses to find an authentic, coherent and relevant voice, and develop practical strategies to navigate our fast-changing, digitally-centric world.

  • My three (professional) passions

    How I try and put my grey cells to work


    Consultant and Executive Advisor

    I'm privileged to spend time helping interesting companies (and the people inside them) to achieve great things in the face of lots of change. Specific focus on market strategy, editorial and content strategy, thought leadership, digital transformation, brand voice and organisational capability.


    Business Writer and Content Creator

    I help brands to translate thought leadership ambitions into compelling editorial content, both locally in the UK and of a global nature with expertise in Europe, the Americas, India and Asia. I also write occasional OpEds and feature articles for special reports published in one of the UK's leading broadsheets, The Times and The Sunday Times.


    Award-winning International Author

    In January 2017, my first book was published - 'Building Digital Culture - a Practical Guide to Digital Transformation'. This went on to win an award from The Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Henley Business School and the British Library for 'Management Book of the Year - Management Futures Category'. I'm currently furiously writing three new books, two professional and one personal. Watch this space...

  • Nick Eades, CMO, Fintrax

    "In working with Thomas, it is clear that he very quickly gets into the heart of the issue, distilling a sharp and insightful summary, and able to sidestep the hype/hysteria that so often pervades the marketing world. The quality of the resulting project output is always very polished and highly credible."

    Simon Longhurst, VP Digitisation EMEA, Cisco

    "Thomas is a highly knowledgeable individual with exceptional insights into the practices of a range of brands. He recognises and can clearly articulate leading practice. Thomas is very strong at taking a concept and converting it into a tangible project with high impact outcomes. He is a very strong and credible presenter and truly engages his audience. His ability to distil research findings and synthesise a powerful storyline which is easy to digest is also one of his key hallmarks."

    Brian Waddell, MarComs Strategy Manager, The OU

    "Thomas' ideas and direction have made a significant impact on our content marketing approach, taking our communications to the next level. He worked with me and my team to set up solid foundations to build from and brought the latest industry best-practices and his own creativity to the table. He is a great combination of being a big-picture thinker as well detail oriented. Thomas went above and beyond the brief to make sure we had what we needed and I'm delighted with the outcome. I've also learnt a lot from him too and hope to work with him again in the near future."

    Colin Peacock, Chairman, Property Marketing Awards

    "Thomas has taken hold of the PMA judging ball firmly and run longer and further with it! As Jury Chair he has strengthened the stellar independent jury even more by bringing on board new experts at the top of their game and has also brought renewed energy and refinements to the judging process. His personal insight, expertise and advice to both the PMA committee and entrants has been invaluable. Thomas is a great addition to the Property Marketing Awards and he has already made a significant contribution to its progress. We are extremely grateful for the generosity with which he gives his time and knowledge and delighted that he is continuing in his role as Chair for our 25th anniversary in 2017."

  • Business writer

    Recent examples of work

  • I write regular OpEds and feature articles for special reports published in The Times and The Sunday Times, addressing a wide-range of issues pertinent to the papers' business-savvy readership, demystifying the complex and drawing on insight from senior industry leaders.

    28 février 2017
    Legacy initiatives are often one of the most common and early hurdles a digital transformation...
    It’s been more than 350 years since newspapers began rolling off printing presses in Britain, yet...
    So wrote Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of MIT Media Lab, in a prescient WIRED magazine article in...
    First came Brexit. June’s shock decision by the British electorate to leave the EU, bringing a...
    Listen to the teams from IBM Watson, Google DeepMind or Facebook AI Research and you could be...
    Trying to make sense of the future, in the face of such significant change and disruption, can...
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  • Author

    Practical business thinking for people who want to get things done

  • Packed with insight, case studies and interviews from across industry, grounded in reality, and written with practitioners and leaders in mind (people who actually have to make a difference, day-to-day). My first book ('Building Digital Culture') is on Amazon now, and I've got three more in the works, due out across 2020.

    Building Digital Culture - a practical guide to successful digital transformation 

    Published by Kogan Page, 03 January 2017

    'Building Digital Culture' aims to answer a simple question: How can organisations succeed when the environment they operate in is changing so quickly? The last thing businesses need today is a digital strategy - instead they need a strategy that's fit for our fast-changing digital world, where businesses have more data than they know what to do with, a media landscape that's exploded in size and complexity, the risk of a new disruption around every corner, and only one certainty: that this change won't let up.


    The book is based on more than 200 hours of research, candid interviews and contributions from senior leaders at a diverse range of brands including Twitter, Made.com, Tech London Advocates, Deloitte, HSBC, Reckitt Benckiser, Ladbrokes, Direct Line Group, The Metropolitan Police, Zurich Insurance and more.


    📦 Order 'Building Digital Culture' on Amazon now 

  • Life before going plural

    Back when I had a corporate (real) job

  • A little bit of background

    I spent more than 13 years on the client-side with a view across industry, interrogating the issues and challenges facing marketing, digital and brand leaders, helping to shape best practice and develop industry capability.

    Until January 2016, I was the board-level Director of Strategy and Marketing at CIM, the world’s leading professional body for marketing, where I focused on understanding the changing nature of marketing and digital, building compelling thought leadership programmes, driving a distinct and authentic brand voice and leading the conversations that mattered.


    In more than 13 years at CIM, I was the architect of more than 35 major international research initiatives ranging from digital and social strategy to brand experience, marketing confidence to marketing capability... and lots more. I presented at, chaired and moderated countless conferences and industry events over many years in the UK, Europe and Asia. I was also a spokesperson for the organisation for a number of years, and my words, ideas and work were covered on, in and by The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Marketing, Marketing Week, Bloomberg and BBC News, amongst others.


    I led the rebrand of CIM in 2014-15, its biggest strategic and creative change in over 40 years; I introduced a new content strategy to put great ideas, thinking and content at the heart of engaging with customers; I defined a new model for publishing, moving from a failing publication to a coherent strategy integrating print and digital, increasing quality and quantity of output whilst reducing costs YoY; and I was a member of the Executive Team that delivered stabilisation of membership decline and first growth in more than a decade, as well as returning the organisation to two years of profit/surplus after several years of losses. The full story's on LinkedIn.


    Oh, and had an office with a view, worked with a great team I learned lots from, and got to meet countless fascinating marketing folk, from the inspirational to the downright whacky. Loved it.

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