The digitally-disrupted workplace

The fourth industrial revolution is creating prospects of a future that few fully comprehend, but the implications for the world of work are already taking shape. Includes interviews with CEO of Hays plc and Director of Workplace at Facebook.

Originally published in a special report in The Times on 04 December 2016.
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Trying to make sense of the future, in the face of such significant change and disruption, can leave you sympathising with Alice of Lewis Carroll’s 19th-century writings.

We’re confronted with such a dizzying array of shifting macro-environmental forces and rapid technological advances that most of us struggle to keep up with, let alone decipher. We read of countless innovations and new possibilities that not too long ago would have been written off as the result of an overactive imagination or simply material for a Hollywood plot.

The reality, however, is that the relationship between technology and humanity is changing – fast. And it’s no longer a distant future but already here, shaping not just the way in which we live, but the way we work.


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