KPMG: Me, My Life, My Wallet (Edition 2)

KPMG: Me, My Life, My Wallet (Edition 2)

The second edition of a bespoke thought-leadership report for KPMG International, introducing a new way of navigating the evolving customer. Global in nature, and comprehensive – reaching some 35,000 words across 160+ pages. Builds on the first edition’s multi-layered research methodology, this year surveying more than 25,000 consumers in Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, the UAE, the UK and the US – as well as conducting ethnographic research in each. It analyzes six macro themes: trust; data; wealth and retirement; generational surfing; the customer of the future; and the B2B customer.
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For this publication, I was again appointed the Editorial Director and lead writer – interviewing experts from across KPMG's worldwide network; digging into research data with a top-team from KPMG's Innovation Lab, on-site in New York; and crafting an overarching editorial storyline and each individual article to help tell KPMG's point-of-view.


  • Introduction

/ The customer insight imperative

/ Understanding the Five Mys


  • Changes across cohorts

/ Generational surfing

/ Gen X and Gen Z: the alternative echo effect


  • Wealth and our wallet

/ Wealth and retirement: delay and pray, or avoid?


  • Our lives and technology

/ The illusion of control

/ The future of interactions


  • Trust: the new currency

/ Trust: the true imperative

/ A day in my data

/ My life in data

/ Institutions we trust

/ Can your customer trust you?


  • Organizational imperatives

/ It’s the future. Do you know where your customer is?

/ B2B: the human factor


  • The changing customer around the world

/ Executive summary: the market viewpoint

/ Brazil: Get ready for good times

/ Canada: America’s neighbour in geography only

/ China: Solving the conundrum 

/ France: Vive la difference

/ India: Subcontinent of richness and complexity

/ The UAE: Purchasing power worth fighting for 

/ The UK: Building trust in the UK

/ US: Shifting expectations 


  • Conclusion

/ The wake-up call