Tackling legacy systems

Tackling legacy systems and managing the influence of dissenting voices to transformation requires a proactive, but measured, approach to stakeholder communication.

Originally published in a special report in The Times on 28 February 2017.
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Legacy initiatives are often one of the most common and early hurdles a digital transformation endeavour can face.

Somewhere in the organisation, a well-intentioned team will stumble upon some tech that could help them work better, smarter or faster. Or an executive, frustrated with inefficiencies or perceived outdated ways of working, will set about trying to do something about it.

Often these actions will go on under the radar as people side-step the treacle of corporate process and bureaucracy. After all, why not? Systems implementation isn’t what it once was, with new cloud-based tools active within minutes and on flexible pricing plans easily accommodated by most departmental discretionary budgets.


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