What businesses can learn from Trump

With Western politics left reeling from its second major disruption of 2016, it’s time to consider what these signals of change mean for businesses. Includes interviews with drawing on interviews with the Global CEO of Interbrand and the Chief Strategy Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi.

Originally published in a special report in The Times on 13 December 2016.
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First came Brexit. June’s shock decision by the British electorate to leave the EU, bringing a close to a 40-year membership and precipitating the biggest ever one-day fall in the value of sterling in the pound’s history.

Then came Trump. The United States’ most controversial, combative and divisive election campaign in living memory, if not ever, ended with another body blow to the political establishment.

Markets, the media and citizens worldwide are left contemplating what’s next. President Le Pen? Frexit? Italeave? While commentators continue the increasingly difficult task of forecasting the answers, other questions demand attention: will the issues underlying this instability extend beyond just the political arena, and what might this mean for brands and businesses?


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