The Elusive C-Suite – content that cuts through

A research-based thought leadership report for Raconteur Media

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A bespoke thought-leadership report for Raconteur Media, exclusive publishers of special reports for News UK and home to a leading content agency for brands. Establishing value, expertise and the coveted role of a trusted adviser to the C-suite has long been an ambition of business-to-business marketers, but in this world of greater noise and clutter, the race for the attention of the decision-makers has never been tougher. Based on original, proprietary research among 500 senior executives, this report tackles some of the most pressing questions facing content producers. What really sets high-performance content and thought leadership apart from the rest? What does credibility mean in the eyes of the C-suite? What role do editorial and design play in securing attention? And how is content marketing set to evolve? Originally published by the client in 2017.

My role in this project

For this publication, I wrote/shadow-wrote several articles (below) as well as playing the role of editor for the overall publication, subbing and harmonising input from several internal and external parties:

  • The case for content // Creating content that cuts through the noise and adds genuine value (by-lined to Raconteur's CEO).
  • Finding your editorial voice // An editorial approach will get you heard above the corporate marketing cacophony.
  • The forgettable middle // The things that catch our attention, which are most memorable, exist at extremes.
  • Debunking the myth of short form // It’s not a zero-sum game but big business issues will always require in-depth analysis.