Me, My Life, My Wallet (Edition 1)

A global thought leadership project for KPMG International

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A bespoke thought-leadership report for KPMG International, introducing a new way of navigating the evolving customer. Global in nature, and comprehensive – reaching some 25,000 words across 98 pages. 'Me, My Life, My Wallet' draws on an in-depth body of research, combining trends analysis of social, technological, economic and geopolitical data; ethnographic interviews with consumers on four continents; and a proprietary quantitative survey of 10,000 consumers in China, India, the UK and the US – all through the filter of experts in KPMG's Innovation Lab and Partners around the world.

My role in this project

For this publication, following a three-month assignment to establish editorial strategy and positioning, I was appointed the Editorial Director and lead writer – interviewing experts from across KPMG's worldwide network; digging into research data with a top-team from KPMG's Innovation Lab, on-site in New York; and crafting an overarching editorial storyline and each individual article to help tell KPMG's point-of-view.

The multidimensional customer

/ The multidimensional customer – A holistic look at consumer behavior

/ Paying attention to the right signals – A closer look at the signals of change

/ STEP events – The events that shape who we are

/ Understanding the Five Mys – Deciphering the complexity of human decision making

/ The Five Mys profiles – A multifaceted view of the consumer

The customer wallet

/ Customer wallet – The fight for a share of the wallet

/ Generational surfing – Predicting the trends before they break

/ Life event drifts – Life event shift across the generations

Customer centricity

/ The Customer-centric ecosystem – Understanding the customer in full context

/ Industry view – The customer through lenses of different sectors

/ Data becomes king – Combining data to know the customer (consumer and retail sector)

/ Curated by me, for me – Embracing the era of personalization (media and telco sector)

/ The empowered patient – Putting healthcare in the hands of the patient (healthcare sector)

/ In search of a simplified financial life – Taking the pain out of financial experiences (retail banking sector)

/ Reorienting around the person, not the risk – The technology revolution in insurance (insurance sector)

Chasing customers across the world

/ US: A brave new world – The ubiquity of the tech platform

/ UK: The connected consumer – The rise of the digital nation

/ India: Leapfrogging towards digital economy – A ‘continent’ in the ascendancy

/ The eastern boomer effect – Reverse mentoring across the generations

/ China: window into the future – A consumer empire on the verge of going global

/ One app to rule them all? – WeChat: the platform behemoth


/ The perfect storm – Experiencing the age of disruption (OpEd)