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Privacy by Compliance

A bespoke report for NAVEX Global

· Client Projects

A bespoke thought-leadership report for NAVEX Global, a worldwide leader in integrated risk and compliance management software and services. Explores some of the biggest compliance questions and seeks to cement data privacy as a legitimate C-suite concern. Originally published by the client in 2019.

My role in this project

For this publication, I researched, interviewed for and wrote the following pieces:

Privacy: A looming compliance crisis or potential opportunity?

A dynamic regulatory environment has elevated privacy and compliance to a C-suite concern, but should we be talking about more than just “risk”?

Privacy by design: Why compliance should lead the charge.

How should organisations manage people, embed processes and harness technology to increase transparency and mitigate data privacy risk?

Whistleblowing investigations: Where’s the privacy 'red line'?

Internal investigations can make or break employee and wider stakeholder trust, so how do businesses strike the right balance between transparency and confidentiality?

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