The New Way to Pay

A bespoke white paper for fintech leader Trustly

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A bespoke thought-leadership report for the travel division of Trustly, a Nordic fintech company that's building a global payments network that bypasses the card networks so people can pay directly from their bank account and feel safe while doing so. Catalysed by major regulatory change, the report explores why the travel industry needs to think beyond cards and deep-dives into the market factors driving the rapid rise of online banking payments. Originally published by the client in 2019.

My role in this project

For this publication, I researched, interviewed for and wrote the full report – including bylines for the client's GM and COO:

Payments – From the back office to center stage for the travel industry

A collision of forces is revolutionizing how we pay for travel. Are you prepared for the changes ahead?

As APMs take off, will you be left behind at the departure gate?

With a payments revolution permeating all corners of e-commerce, the travel industry is at risk of falling behind.

Speed vs. security: No longer a trade-off

Is your organization chasing user experience at security’s expense?

PSD2 has arrived - What are you waiting for?

One year into the most sweeping regulatory reforms to the payments industry, how much has really changed for consumers and merchants? Has complexity surrounding this new legislation made merchants more apprehensive about how they should try to capitalize on the opportunities PSD2 presents?

Are you ready to think differently?

Bank transfers present a compelling commercial opportunity, but require a combination of superior experience, consumer education and creativity to be realized.