No transformation without a change in culture

The best strategy in the world is doomed to fail unless leaders create an environment and shape the culture in which it can succeed.

Originally published in a special report in The Times on 28 June 2016.
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Culture eats strategy for breakfast. While this may be something of an overused cliché, when it comes to digital transformation, nothing is closer to the truth.

If you’re looking to re-orient your organisation for success in our constantly evolving digital world, chances are you’re not a new tech startup. It’s more likely you’re an established organisation that’s recognised the need to be different.

And with established organisations comes legacy business models, enshrined processes and ways of working, and a culture – whether implicitly or explicitly defined – that supports how you operate.

The trouble is transformation means change – usually lots of it. And that means culture – the sum of the values, behaviours and “norms” of those in your organisation – which supports you today may end up inhibiting you tomorrow.


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