How to make the journey to digital business

Everyone talks about “being digital”, but defining what this really means for your business is critical to a successful transformation.

Originally published in a special report in The Times on 28 June 2016.
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Digital transformation: the process of getting an organisation fully ready to operate in our changing digital environment and preparing it for continuous change ahead. Few terms in today’s business vernacular are met with as much confusion and apprehension. And it’s easy to understand why.


Firstly, digital is daunting. The pace and scale of change we’ve seen over the last decade is both unprecedented and unrelenting. Regardless of your industry or your geography, no organisation can claim immunity from the disruptive nature of new digital and mobile technologies, and this level of change is only set to continue.

From how we shop to how we travel, how we choose where to eat and holiday to how we manage our health and finances, there are few aspects of our lives or society as a whole that have escaped the ubiquity of digital.


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