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  • So, we wrote a book.

    I spent more than a decade at an international professional body, with a focus on learning, knowledge sharing and best practice. I was immersed in different industries, geographies and business models and got to meet, spend time with and learn from hundreds of different people... from the strikingly inspirational to the down-right whacky. A big part of my focus had been the evolution of digital and technology, the implications for customers and how organisations served and engaged with them, and how this would require a lot of change. And I did a lot of this work with a super-smart chap called Daniel Rowles. When I left my office with a view for a plural existence, Daniel and I celebrated on 04 January 2016, with a boozy lunch. And rather than take some time off and travel, as I'd planned to... I left that lunch having agreed to write a book together. One year later, it was published by Kogan Page and the rest, as they say, is history...
  • Building Digital Culture

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    'Building Digital Culture' aims to answer a simple question: How can organisations succeed when the environment they operate in is changing so quickly?


    The last thing businesses need today is a digital strategy – instead they need a strategy that's fit for our fast-changing digital world, where businesses have more data than they know what to do with, a media landscape that's exploded in size and complexity, the risk of a new disruption around every corner, and only one certainty: that this change won't let up.


    The book is based on more than 200 hours of research, candid interviews and contributions from senior leaders at a diverse range of brands including Twitter, Made.com, Tech London Advocates, Deloitte, HSBC, Reckitt Benckiser, Ladbrokes, Direct Line Group, The Metropolitan Police, Zurich Insurance and more.


    And in 2018, 'Building Digital Culture' won Management Book of the Year in the Management Futures category, awarded by the British Library, CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and Henley Business School.

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  • "A very well researched and written book that is an essential aid to help you navigate through the potentially vexatious digital world."

    Nick Hughes, Director of Marketing and Communications, SEGRO plc

    "A great starter pack for anyone who wants to be serious about diving into the digital age and driving change. This book gives a lot of great advice about where to start and what to focus on."

    Thierry Campet, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, UBS Wealth Management

    "Shows real experience of the challenges of change and transformation. The advice and case studies give brilliant insight into how to reality check your own organisation and your own vision! There is courage in these pages."

    Eda Colbert, Head of Brand and Marketing, British Council

    "Very few titles offer peer-driven help. This does. Full of depth, it offers a terrific blend of pragmatism, inspiration and reassurance to those (like myself) involved in business transformation projects. A book to read then reference as each challenge arises."

    Duncan Daines, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Gama Aviation plc

    "Full of sharp insight and practical advice on how to think, build and navigate 'digital' in the totally transparent world of tomorrow."

    Markus Kramer, Partner, Brand Affairs AG (former CMO Aston Martin Lagonda and Harley Davidson EMEA)

    "Packed full of actionable ideas, relevant case studies and insight-driven thought-starters."

    Vicki Davis, Head of Film Marketing, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

  • There's more in the works.

    I'm not done yet. Two more books in the works, due out sometime in 1H 2022.