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    Helping businesses and their leaders to find a voice, tell better stories and navigate change.

  • Hi, I'm Thomas Brown...

    Change and transformation. The digital revolution. Marketing and the customer. The power of words. If these formed a venn diagram, you'd find me right at the intersection.


    I grew up (professionally) leading marketing from the client-side, spending more than a decade interrogating the issues that mattered most to marketing, digital and brand leaders. Understanding the challenges of customer orientation; the implications of digital and technology; and helping to articulate and shape best practice – ultimately as the Board-level Director of Strategy and Marketing at a leading international professional body.


    In 2016, I founded ThinkStuff, as a means to combine my professional passions. Consulting, advising and enabling leaders and teams to tackle our changing world with a fresh set of eyes and ears, and helping marketers in particular to think customer and get stuff done. Training, facilitation and education – from executive-level to entry-level and everything in-between. And writing – translating complexity for leadership audiences, questioning the business issues of the moment, and demystifying the dark art of digital.


    I'm lucky to live by the coast in sunny Cornwall, but still haven't learned to surf (yet). I work and travel wherever I can add value – be that the UK, internationally or remotely. And I'm privileged to have clients and assignments ranging from SMEs to $Bn enterprises, both UK, EMEA and global in scope, and across diverse sectors.

  • "Always brings a fresh perspective... a great ability to get straight to the heart of an issue and find pragmatic, strategic solutions."

    Trevor Isherwood, Marketing Director

    Fidelity International

    "Thoughtful, considered, future focused – all the great qualities that a trusted expert should have."

    Alan Hayes, Head of Technical Programmes, IGD

  • Work, work, work

    What I do, how I do it, why I do it


    I'm privileged to spend time helping interesting companies (and the people inside them) to achieve great things in the face of lots of change. Specific focus on marketing strategy, editorial and content strategy, thought leadership, digital transformation, brand voice, and organisational capability and change.

    Workshops & Sprints

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    I write words for newspapers and the media as a freelance writer/reporter. I work with businesses as an Editorial Director and Content Creator – helping shape content strategy, and translating thought leadership ambitions into compelling editorial content. I've worked on both domestic and globally-focussed editorial projects, with interviewing and storytelling expertise in Europe, the Americas, India and Asia. I also write occasional feature articles for special reports published in The Times.


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