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  • Hi, I'm Thomas Brown

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    I'm the founder of ThinkStuff, a boutique writing, management education and consulting firm. I'm the award-winning author of Building Digital Culture and have pursued my love of words both for a diverse range of businesses and in the media.


    For more than five years, I've been a pluralist. Writing – translating complexity for diverse audiences, exploring the business issues of the moment, and demystifying the dark art of digital transformation – both as an award-winning published author, and a writer in the media. Training, facilitation and lecturing – from helping build understanding or alignment within the C-Suite, to delivering practical impact for people leading departments, teams or ideas. Consulting, advising and enabling leaders and teams to tackle our changing world with a fresh set of eyes and ears, and helping marketers in particular to 'think customer' and get stuff done. And a facilitator, speaker and dot connector – helping others to think differently, and connecting people and ideas.


    Prior to my plural life, I spent some 13 years in marketing, research and thought leadership, ultimately as the board-level Marketing Director at a leading international professional body, responsible for seeking out and sharing best practice. These days, I work and travel wherever I can add value – be that the UK, internationally or remotely. And I'm privileged to have clients and assignments ranging from SMEs to $Bn enterprises, across multiple geographies and sectors.


    Beyond work, I'm lucky to live by the coast in sunny Cornwall (UK), but still haven't learned to surf (yet). I'm an over-enthusiastic squash player, a runner in need of practice, and – with my wonderful partner Rachel – a doting (and occasionally terrified) parent to our one-year old, Pippa.

  • "Always brings a fresh perspective... a great ability to get straight to the heart of an issue and find pragmatic, strategic solutions."

    Trevor Isherwood, Marketing Director, Fidelity International
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    How I help people and organisations

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    I write words for newspapers and the media as a freelance journalist/writer, on topics spanning digital and technology, business and innovation, brands, retail, and consumer affairs. I also work with organisations as an Editorial Director, Editorial Consultant and as a freelance writer – helping shape content strategy, and translating ideas and ambitions into something audiences will value, and helping organisations to take a point-of-view and speak with a distinctive voice.

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    I spent years learning how and why digital transformations succeed or fail... and I wanted to codify all of the diverse anecdote and evidence I'd encountered in my career. So a good friend and long-time colleague and I decided to put it in a book. And not one based solely on our opinions, but on the true stories, battle scars and case studies of industry leaders. Won an award for it, people other than just my parents read it, and there's more in the works.

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    I like to help people get stuff done. I advise, I coach, I develop strategy and plans, and I help execute. Or a combination. I specialise in digital transformation, editorial and content strategy, research and thought leadership, brand voice, and organisational capability and change.

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    Workshops & Sprints

    I work as a trainer, lecturer, speaker, chair and facilitator. I'm passionate about management education that has real impact – that's grounded in real-world... in the political, organisational and execution challenges that too much training and academia overlooks. Also a very occasional guest lecturer at the world-renowned Imperial College Business School.