The Data-Driven Motor Insurer

A bespoke white paper for AMODO, one of the world's top-five insuretech start-ups

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A bespoke thought-leadership report sponsored by AMODO, listed by the Financial Times as one of the top-five insuretech start-ups in the world. With the digital revolution in motor insurance currently underway, the report explores what tech leaders should look out for as the next innovation in telematics, and how insurance players need to adapt to changing customer expectations and behaviours. Originally published by the client in 2019.

My role in this project

For this publication, I researched, interviewed for and wrote the full report:

Usage-based insurance – thinking beyond the black box 

Latent potential of smartphone telematics is only set to rise, but what does this mean for motor insurers in 2019 and beyond?

Time to get real with relationships 

Don’t obsess over the technology; smartphone telematics can fundamentally transform customer engagement, with compelling commercial rewards, says Marijan Mumdziev, chief executive of Amodo (byline).

Five challenges and opportunities in going digital 

As motor insurers grapple with new tools and technologies, uncertainty is inevitable, but this doesn’t mean progress is out of reach.

Unlocking the value of data

Implementing a telematics strategy is the start of the journey, not the end, as the real prize lies in monetising the vast treasure trove of data it yields.